Reading Changes Your Brain's Focus

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In my visits with patients, the subject of sleep (now known as “sleep hygiene”) has come up many times. The rituals that we engage in often determine the quality of our sleep, and future blogs will address this. One of the pieces of advice that I always give is to read a book in bed with a cup of herbal tea (hot drinks relax the body). While everyone’s taste in books varies, I thought I would give some of the books I have read recently. Books change your brain’s focus, and as reading is an active activity, it requires complete engagement, separating your day from your night. These are in no order, and are of varied genres:

Happy reading!

Dr. Meyer


This might be a good opportunity to combine your reading with some exercise while you hunt down some good reads. New York City still has a number of celebrated independent booksellers in all boroughs. Use the list below to find the one near you.

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